Dr. Doctor Marathon

Super-Genius Master of Invention and Armor-clad Avenger of Justice!



It Could be Worse!

Dr. Doctor Marathon's Wonderflonium Bag of Tricks

I didn't go to 23 science schools to be called Mr.!

Mystic Beating Heart of the Atlantean Adamantine God-Machines! 

"Of course I know how it works, I DESIGNED it!"

"Ok, dude, you are not my nemesis." 

"... Besides, kids play there."

"That's not a good sound…" 


Superb +5 – Science

Great+4 – Resources, Guns

Good+3 – Academics, Pilot, Investigation

Fair+2 - Engineering, Athletics, Alertness, Resolve

Average+1 –  Fists, Weapons, Stealth, Drive, Intimidation



Scientific Genius: Engineering (pg 193)

Scientific Invention (pg 193)

Personal Gadgetx3: Power Armor (pg 147)



Son of a diplomat and a Centurion, Doctor Marathon (he claims his first name has always been Doctor) was exposed early to other Centurion children, who thought he was too frail and smart for his own good. These childhood clashes led him to solitary youth, often creating machines to help others and anonymously donating them as he traveled with his family, always using science for the greater good. His world came crashing down when his parents were assassinated shortly after the war broke out.

During the Great War

Doctor Marathon used his family's wealth and diplomatic relations to found a company, Marathon Industries, which created small arms, bombs, and planes for the allies. He continued to spend his time in seclusion, working in his lab on top work when it was required, and when it wasn't required he was busy designing things… things that would never see the light of day: hover cars! death lasers! rocket packs! Unfortunately, even with amassed capital and strange resources from all over the world (including the all-powerful Wonderflonium!), he could not bring these designs to practical use. One day he found someone in his lab – and it was none other than The Atomic Genius, a Centurion who showed him his miscalculations and showed him how much he could benefit the Century Club, and he was brought back into the fold. Together, he and The Atomic Genius made all manner of wondrous items until a horrible lab accident killed the Atomic Genius and exposed Doctor Marathon to hypergamma radiation.

Dr. Doctor Marathon and the Rise of the Atlantean Adamantine God Machines 

While recovering, he heard of strange magnetic polarizations from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. He gathered fellow Centurions Dudley Cartwright, Dan Dare, and Diana of Themyscira and ventured forth in a submarine of his own design. There, they found the ruins of Atlantis, and the vile Duke Durvillaea seeking to reactivate the Adamantine God Machines that once protected the realm from all threats. The team scattered, with Dan Dare escaping and leading his Dare Devils to hold off the one God Machine that escaped. Dudley Cartwright faced against the few God Machines that had been activated, the mystic machines unable to harm a man of such pure, heroic heart as Dudley. Finally, Diana faced against Duke Durvillaea's kelp-men minions while Doctor Marathon worked to disable the mystic, energy-pulsating heart that gave life to the God Machines. The Duke was able to escape Diana and deal a mortal blow to Doctor Marathon by stabbing him through the heart. Diana of Themyscira managed to finish off the kelp men and faced Duke Durvillaea while Doctor Marathon pulled the mystic Atlantean heart free of its housing, and with what would have been his dying breaths, transplanted it within his own chest to replace his own destroyed organ – saving his own life and ending the threat of the God Machines in one stroke!

Dr. Doctor Marathon in: Dan Dare vs. the Cloud Queen of Calcutta!

Dr. Doctor Marathon accompanied Dan Dare once the ace had been assailed by the rogue zepplins, and was able to devise flight patterns and plans of attack for the Dare Devils to use to overcome the defenses of the zepplins, and when they assaulted the Cloud Queen's air fortress Dr. Doctor Marathon realized that many of her advanced defenses were of his own design, back from his notes before he had rejoined the Century Club. He swiftly returned and found that his personal files had been made off with, including weapons that could hold the entire world hostage. Not knowing who to trust, he destroyed what remained of his lab and started anew, building a set of armor which would both protect him from being stabbed in the heart again (who knew what would happen if the mystic heart of Atlantis was damaged?) and protect him from his own visions.

Dr. Doctor Marathon in: Wonder Woman and the Golden Doom

Dr. Marathon's armor was completed just in time to come to aid Diana of Themyscira, who was facing off against Axis powers that held America hostage. From a viewing of the Alchemy Beam, he was able to devise an ingenious solution which would reverse the transmogrification inflicted upon the golden hostages. Working with Diana once more, along with John Henry Hammer, Dr. Marathon freed the prisoners while twin fists of democracy ended the Axis threat!

Dr. Marathon will also be guest starring in Ildrin Singh's epic once I talk to dbrain about it some. 

Dr. Doctor Marathon

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