Dan Dare

Dan Dare is a square-jawed, two-fisted, all-American pilot!



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All-American Boy

Been There Before

The Dare Devils

“Hey…watch this!”

“I knew this girl once…”

“I’m irresistible!”

Nick of Time

“Of course we’ll make it!”

The Red Devil

“What does ‘fear’ mean?”


Alertness: Average

Athletics: Good

Contacting: Great

Drive: Average

Endurance: Average

Fists: Great

Gambling: Average

Guns: Fair

Leadership: Average

Pilot: Superb

Rapport: Good

Resolve: Good

Resources: Fair

Stealth: Fair

Survival: Fair


Network of Contacts

Personal Aircraft

Plane Mechanic

Prototype Aircraft

Walk the Walk


Born to a grape-farming family in western Pennsylvania, Dan quickly grew into a handsome, strapping young lad with a penchant for getting into trouble and the quick wits to get out again. He expected to grow up, inherit his parents’ farm, and spend the rest of his life growing grapes…but something in his soul called out for more adventure.

When the Great War called, Dan was ready. Dan enlisted in the Army in 1916, showed a natural aptitude for piloting, and was soon assigned to the 94th Aero Squadron of the US Army Air Service under the legendary Eddie Rickenbacker – himself a member of the Century Club. Sensing great potential in Dan, Rickenbacker treaded the lad as a protege, and the two cut a swath through both the German air force and the flower of English womanhood. At war’s end, Dan formed a crew of top-notch barnstorming pilots from his war buddies and began traveling the world, using the Dare Devils as a cover for his efforts to fight evil with the Century Club. Captain Rickenbacker’s 1919 death in a suspicious test-piloting accident shattered the Dare Devils’ morale, however, and they disbanded, scattering to the four winds.

Dan Dare vs. the Cloud Queen of Calcutta!

During a trip to eastern India, Dan ran afoul of the bandit zeppelins of the infamous Cloud Queen, a renegade Amazon whose wickedness was matched only by her seductive beauty. Dan began his campaign against her with the assistance of three other Centurians:
  • The mysterious but beautiful Diana Themyscira, who rescued him from an attack by the Cloud Queen’s deadly Hashishin assassins
  • World heavyweight boxing champion John Henry Hammer, who was in Calcutta to defend his title but stuck around to put a fist into the face of evil
  • Dr. Doctor Marathon, whose keen eye for engineering unveiled a crucial structural weakness in the Cloud Queen’s flagship

Over a lengthy and dangerous campaign, these few heroes gradually infiltrated the Cloud Queen’s organization, eventually slipping aboard her flagship and confronting her evil head-on. After a ferocious final battle, Dan and his companions escaped the burning zeppelin aboard a prototype aircraft which has since become the Red Devil, his pride and joy. For her part, the Cloud Queen rode the dying airship down into the marshes east of Calcutta – a crash she could not possibly have survived.

Dan Dare in: Dudley Cartwright vs. Dr. Shandakar and the Infernal Beastmen of Burma

While flying the Red Devil to Hong Kong for some upgrades, Dan happened up a party of mountaineers as they were being overwhelmed by a flight of bat-winged yeti in the Burmese Himalayas. Rescuing the group, he was mildly surprised to learn that they were led the renowned Dudley Cartwright, an insufferable but brilliant British member of the Century Club, and had narrowly missed capturing the fiendish Dr. Shandakar. While Dan’s own mission couldn’t wait, he was able to deliver Cartwright and his party to an extinct volcano that would lead – so Cartwright claimed – to Shandakar’s lair within the Hollow Earth.

Dan Dare in: Doctor Marathon and the Rise of the Atlantean Adamantine Death Machines

Shortly thereafter, Dan was relaxing in Tangiers when he received word that Doctor Marathon and several other Centurians were fighting against the source of some sort of vast undersea army, which was even now preparing to march ashore to make war on the surface world! While Dan was in no position to help with the underwater portion of the conflict, he was able to rally the Dare Devils and a variety of veteran pilots from both sides of the Great War to fend off the invading robot army while Doctor Marathon shut their source down once and for all.

Dan Dare

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