Diana of Themyscira

An amazing Amazon who is an emmisary of peace from the mysterious Paradise Island.


Name: Diana of Themyscira

Wonder Woman!


Diana was raised in the idyllic and isolated otherworldly paradise of the island of Themyscira, where her tribe of Amazons had been exiled to guard a portal to the underworld at the behest of the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hestia and Artemis after fighting the forces of the god Ares.  She grew up as a daughter of Hyppolyta, the Queen of the Amazons and was educated in the classical Greek subjects of geometry, poetry, gymnastics, and military pursuits.

Aspect – Resolute Foe of Ares
Good: When the forces of hate and oppression arise, she's got an edge on them because she's strongly motivated to end their tyranny.
Bad: When the forces of hate and oppression arise, she's at the top of their hit list.  Also, she's likely to abandon other projects if she gets the opportunity to fight the ancient enemy of the Amazons.

Aspect – Amazon Princess
Good: She's got great physical strength and skill with battle, beauty, wisdom, love, the ability to communicate with animals and highly acute senses.
Bad: She still doesn't really get the modern world.  Things like drugs, relationships, cars, and pop culture mystify her.  She's also had problems trying to "save" women that didn't want to be saved because she views them with the "Amazon" mindset.  Furthermore, she has high moral ideals that are not negotiable.  She doesn't lie, cheat, or steal.  She only fights fair.  Her moral credo is somewhere to the right of "paladin".

The Great War

Col. Steve Trevor crash landed on Themyscira and Diana won a competition among the Amazons to return him to the United States.  Steve discovered Diana was a centurion and took her under his wing.  Diana was impressed at how the United States was fighting for Democracy! and Freedom! throughout the world.  She joined the US forces as a freelancer/consultant (rather than an as an enlisted soldier).  She was concerned that the malign influence of the god Ares was driving some of the tyranny and oppression present in the war.  Her mother, Hippolyta, saw how dangerous the Patriarch's World was, and gave her a gift of Amazonian Battle Gear consisting of the golden lasso and the bracelets of submission (magically enhanced to reflect bullets).

Aspect – Amazon Battle Gear
Good: Amazon Battle Gear is just what any ass-kicking heroine needs to deal with bad guys.  The lasso compels someone to tell the truth. The bracelets deflect bullets.  She probably has full Greek battle plate (chest plate, pauldrons, and battle-skirt) as well as a sword and bow. 
Bad: Wonder Woman is helpless when she is bound by the lasso and goes into a berserk rage when the bracelets are removed.  It also means she's got a distinctive look and doesn't blend in with a crowd. Not so good for the sneaking around.

Aspect – Champion of Democracy!
Good:  Diana is totally enamored with America – she admires the spirit of optimism, the commitment to protecting the weak, and the power of democracy.  She'll do whatever she needs to do to protect the nation that she loves. (It's like the "duty" aspect, but sexier.)
Bad: Sometimes Diana's service to the US military is inconvienient as they often call her in as a military consultant and freelancer.  Also, she is a sucker for anything that might be inimical to American interests.  Furthermore, she's going to be very, very sad if she finds out her beloved America is up to anything shady.

First Pulp Novel:  Wonder Woman and the Golden Doom

Wonder Woman and the Golden Doom 

Evil scientists recruited from Axis powers have created the Alchemy Beam – which can turn flesh into solid gold.  They say that they will give the US the formula to change the transmogrified people back, but only if the Air Force gives them the plans for their newest airplane.  Diana watched in horror as her mentor, Steve Trevor, was turned into gold while chasing agents of S.C.Y.T.H.E. (who are led by the unfailingly evil Doctor Poison).  Can the Amazing Amazon save Steve Trevor and the rest of the victims?

Aspect – Military Intelligence
Good: Occasionally Diana has some good advanced intel about what's going on in the world. Plus she has contacts in a number of useful places who can do her favors.
Bad: Occasionally Diana has some bad advanced intel about what's going on in the world – after all, "military intelligence" is often an oxymoron of the highest order.  Plus she has contacts in a number of inconvienient places who all want favors from her.

Aspect – [Unknown as of yet]

John Henry Hammer joins in the fray to help Diana free Steve and also rescue his mentor Mike Masters who was also turned to gold.  The two take on Doctor Poison as he melts down some of the statues for money. In doing so, the two form solid friendship and lead a team of Hammer's marines to S.C.Y.T.H.E.'s headquarters for an epic showdown.

[Co-starring Dr. Marathon]


Wonder Woman co-starring in Dan Dare and the Cloud-Queen of Calcutta:

Wonder Woman in Dan Dare and the Cloud Queen of Calcutta 

Tracking down a renegade Amazon, Diana ran into Dan Dare as he was being ambushed by a group of the Cloud Queen's Hashishin bandits. She and Dan struck up an intimate friendship (after all, Dan is Irresistible!).  He taught her how to fly planes and she picked up on his daredevil ways.  The two spent nearly a year fighting the Cloud Queen over the skies of India.

Aspect – Dan's in Trouble
Good: Gives her some inspiration to protect Dan.
Bad: Dan is irresistible and he is therefore, often in trouble with Diana.

Aspect – How Hard Can It Be?
Good: Can do some crazy stuff without being afraid of the consequences of failure.
Bad: Does some crazy stuff without being properly cautious about the consequences of failure.


Wonder Woman co-starring in Doctor Marathon and the Rise of the Atlantean Adamantine God Machines:

Wonder Woman in Doctor Marathon and the Atlantean Adamantine God Machines

US military intelligence sends Diana on a secret mission to help Dr. Marathon and fight the evil Kelp Men.  She starts to fight a holding action against the Kelp Men as well as Duke Durvillaea's undersea submarine pirates.  At one point, Dr. Marathon is gravely wounded by Duke Durvilaea and Diana bravely trades herself as a prisoner for Dr. Marathon, allowing him to escape.  As he leaves, she whispers to him the location of one of the pulsating mystic-energy rich unprotected hearts of the Atlantean Adamantine God Machines and how to replace his own damaged heart with that of the invulnerable machine.  Eventually, she uses her knowlege of ancient Atlantis (as it was one of the chief allies of the Amazons before they were exiled thousands of years ago) to escape from the Duke.  She and Dr. Marathon are barely successful in fighting back the Kelp Men and preventing them from marching into American waters – it was a war that never happened!

Aspect – Loyal to a Fault
Good: Gives her extra "oomph" when she's protecting her friends.
Bad: Total sucker for coming to the rescue, even when it's a trap.

Aspect -


Resolute Foe of Ares
Amazon Princess
Amazon Battle Gear
Champion of Democracy!
Military Intelligence
Dan's in Trouble
How Hard Can It Be?
Loyal to a Fault
Unknown 1?
Unknown 2?

Superb: Athletics
Great: Alertness, Might
Good: Resolve, Rapport, Endurance
Fair: Weapons, Bows, Fists, Pilot
Average: Empathy, Contacting, ?, ?, ?

Personal Artifact – Bracelets
Personal Artifact – Lasso
Herculean Strength
Pile Driver

Diana of Themyscira

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