John Henry Hammer

The Tough Boxer-Turner-Pulp Hero



1. “The Stories Grandpappy Would Tell…”

2. Fists Full of Trouble

3. Leatherneck

4. Trained by Mike Masters

5. Khan!!!

6. “Just Bring It!”

7. “Fighting Isn’t The Only Way.”

8. “Don’t You Know I’m The Champ?!”

9. Rumble In The Jungle

10. No Respect for the Champ

♠ Refresh Rate: 10

♠ Current Fate Points: 10

Health: 9

Composure: 6


Superb (+5):Endurance

Great (+4): Might, Fists

Good (+3): Athletics, Alertness, Intimidation

Fair (+2): Guns, Drive, Resources, Resolve

Average (+1): Burglary, Stealth, Contacting, Gambling, Survival


· One Hit to the Body (pg. 146): When taking a wound that would roll up, break down hit into smaller stress hits.

· Thick Skinned (pg. 147): One additional stress box beyond normal.

· Man of Iron (pg. 147): Physical injury rolls down.

· Brawler (pg. 150): +1 to Fists Defense when outnumbered, +1 stress to groups of minions on hit.

· Mix It Up (pg. 151): Save up spin for your next attack.


The grandson of a slave in Mississippi, John grew up on a farm. He got in a lot of trouble with his fists, but was discovered by Lenny Donatelli for his boxing skill. He fought on the amateur circuit until the Great War.

At sixteen, John enlisted in the Marines. He became a Gold Glove boxer. Mike Masters, a fighter in his own right, recruited him into the Century Club.

John Henry Hammer in…King Khan’s Caper!

After winning the World Boxing Title, John Henry Hammer’s title defense led him to Africa. While there, locals asked him to help liberate their village from the brigands who took over the diamond mine. During the rescue of some of the villagers, Gorilla Khan’s minions are discovered as secret masters of this plot! In the mine he finds and rescues Penny Diamond and the two make a daring escape with the other captives.

Guest Starring in…Wonder Woman and the Golden Doom

John Henry Hammer joins in the fray to help Diana free Steve and also rescue his mentor Mike Masters who was also turned to gold. The two take on Doctor Poison as he melts down some of the statues for money. In doing so, the two form solid friendship and lead a team of Hammer’s marines to S.C.Y.T.H.E.’s headquarters for an epic showdown.

Guest Starring in…Dan Dare vs. the Cloud Queen of Calcutta!

After chartering a cheap flight on Dan Dare’s courier plan to India, the Champ gets involved in Dan Dare’s Daring escapades.

John Henry Hammer

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