Penelope "Penny" Diamond

Penny is a beautiful, sassy New York Socialite who is also getting mixed up in one adventure or another.



“But I’m very pretty!”

“Why do bad men try to seduce me?”

“I’m wearing the perfect shoes!”

“Oops, I must be a little tipsy”

“I think that’s in my purse”

“Fiddlestix! I broke a nail!”

“This one time in boarding school”

“A nice girl wouldn’t do that”

“Sorry, I have to fix my hair”

“A blonde, a redhead, and a brunnette…”

“Does that line usually work for you?”


Superb [+5] Resolve

Great {+4] Rapport, Endurance

Good [+3] Empathy, Investigate, Resources

_Fair _ [+2] Athletics, Pilot, Weapon, Guns

Average [+1] Art, Burglary, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival


Health 7 Composure 8 Consequences 4 Fate Points 10


Best Foot Forward No Negative First Impressions from NPCs

Smooth Recovery Able to have one more moderate consequence

Unflappable +2 vs. Fear

Right Place, Right Time Uses Resolve for Defense and Move, all with panache or by accident.

Popular Gal – +2 to Seduce


Phase One: Childhood

Penny Diamond accidentally bumps into the Witches Cauldron

Born to the extreme wealth of the adventurous New York Diamonds, Penny was a curious, always in trouble blonde girl. Her sassy tween years were spent traveling the world, escaping from boarding school, and help solve mysteries with the locals.

“A nice girl wouldn’t do that”

Invoke: Penelope was raised right, and she knows what border is between a nice girl and a fur coat wearing bearcat hussy. In spite of an occasional lapse and some serious drinking, Penelope is still all Lady and stays classy. Compell: Penelope will not agree to do something that is just plain mean. Whether that is shooting a villain when he is escaping or lying to a priest. After all, Penny is a nice girl!

“This one time with in boarding school…”

Invoke: Everything a bad teenager can do, from sneaking out, stealing daddy’s car for a joy ride to Niagra Falls, Penelope was the typical boarding school truant and queen bee. And those skills and contacts have stayed with her. Compell: Oh the embarassing actions of our youth. Whether it’s blackmail or just a bad reputation, Penelope has unfortunately done a few things she’s not proud of…

Phase Two: Young Adulthood

Penny Diamond and her sorority sisters in French Hi-Jinks

Penny was kidnapped by Baron von Evil while on a Safari tour with Teddy Roosevelt. She escaped, but landed into the clutches of the Mandarin, narrowly escaping with the help of “Princess Empire.” She accompanied the Lafayette Escadril in france, outdrank the bowery boys at her debutant ball, and solved the mystery of the Raja’s missing pearls.

“Why do bad men try to seduce me?”

Invoke: If King Kong had seen her, Fay Wray would be safe. Victor Von Doom would dump Susan Storm. Some girls just attract bad boys. And Penelope is the ultimate prize for these glory and power hounds. Compell: Whenever a villain, human or otherwise appears, they seem to gravitate towards capturing her, seducing her, or using her as a way to get something else. It can be very difficult on her busy social schedule.

“Oops, I must be a little tipsy”

Invoke: Giggle-juice, Hootch, Bootleg or something else at the Gin Mill, Penelope is up for matching drinks with anyone. She never gets canned, corked, tanked, primed, scrooched, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, owled, embalmed, lit, potted, ossified or fried to the hat. And if she makes a mistake, she just blames it on the Booze… Another Martini for the road? That sounds Jake. Compell: Did I say she makes mistakes? She can be a clutz, make bad judgements, and basically do everything a sweet drunk will do.

Phase Three: Guest Star – Jack Henry Hammer

Penny is trapped in the hunter's camp

When Duke Cog of the Khan’s men captured her while on walkabout in Africa, her quick thinking of spiking the jungle punch allowed her to outdrink the gorillas, escaping with John Henry Hammer leading the path out with his right hook. Hopping a ride on the Natal express with Winston Churchhill, she regaled her London audiences with tales of dering do in the Jungle.

“I’m wearing the perfect shoes!”

Invoke: Penelope is never caught in anything less than the latest fashions, whether it be on safari, in the mountains, or on a polynesian island, she is dressed to the nines, and appropriately. Italian leather boots for a hunt? you bet! Compell: When you spend as much time as Penelope does shopping for the right outfit, you aren’t going to risk messing it up. She might not jump over a muddle puddle to avoid the screaming cannibals… after all, it may have taken her weeks to find that pair of shoes…

Phase Three : Novel

“Penny Diamond in the Mystery of the Continental Express”

Csar Dmitri Captures Penny outside her New York Apartment in

Back Page “Trouble follows our beleagured heroine across the continent as Penny discovers a hadrianic conspiracy. Kidnapped and forced to marry Evil Csar Dmitri, the sassy, nubile miss Penelope tries to escape the Antediluvian cultists before time, her virtue, and the last of the scotch runs out!

“But I’m very pretty!”

Invoke: When a social interaction goes bad, when NPCs determine a target. Let’s face it, Penelope is a paragon of beauty. And beautiful people can lead a very easy life, with people just giving them what they want. You may wait to see the mayor or get a table… but not Penny. Compell: When you are as cute as she is, you are never taken seriously. Her plans and contributions are overlooked, the villains don’t see her as a threat… she gets treated like a dumb blonde.

“Fiddlestix! I broke a nail!”

Invoke: Things that would take an arm off King Kong are mildly annoying to Penelope. For some reason, she leads a charmed life in this regard. It’s swell. Compell: When she is trying to attempt anything involving her hands, like lockpicking a jail cell, fixing a flat, placing the jewel back on the idol… she can fail or stop because she broke a nail…

Phase Four Guest Star- Ilduram Singe

Penny Diamond and the thigh fires of the Aztec King

While Babysitting Anabel and Gawain, she was kidnapped by the cultists. Gawain sets off to the rescue. The Csar threatens to end Anabel’s life unless the benevolent besotted babysitter marries him under the Onion Dome of Doom in Belgrade. Quick thinking Penny forestalls the Wedding night with non-stop wedding toasts, outdrinking the Csar. Just at that moment Gawain arrives, accidentally sets of the keystone of the star architect, collapsing the temple. Can Anabel get Penny to leave the temple, and the alcohol, in time?

“I think that’s in my purse”

Invoke: Women’s purses are a mysterious world of 100s of forgotten objects. I firmly believe that had King Arthur looked in Guinavere’s purse, he would have found the Grail. Regardless of the size of the handbag, anything smaller than a Tuba or a train car might be in her purse. Compell: Have you ever noticed that women tend to leave their handbags behind or have men carry them? Well Penelope could lose her purse in a phone booth. And sometimes at critical moments, something she thought she had might be in her handbag.

“Does that line usually work for you?”

Invoke: To interupt or stop any social attack Compell: To increase her interest in bad acts

Phase Five Guest Star- Diana Themyscyra

Diana saves Penny!

Hippolyta urgently recalls Diana to Themyscra to repel and invasion of antedilluvian monsters summoned by the Hadrianic cultists. Diana tracks them back to Belgrade as the creatues are clearly minions of Mars (AKA Ares). Diana joins up with Penny to fight off the forces of Csar Dmitri in the Citadel of Ultimate Peril, developing an appreciation for the modern world.

“A blonde, a redhead, and a brunnette…”

Invoke: Why is it that when you get a blonde girl together with a bunch of brunettes, the brunettes become smarter, the redheads tougher… basically everyone around her is a little better. Behind every great man is a great woman, probably a blonde.

Compell: Sure, those around her are better at just about everything, but poor Penny ends up looking dumber and clumsier than before. When she’s around this combination, she suffers a penalty in the smarts and dexterous activities.

Penelope "Penny" Diamond

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