Penny Diamond's Serials Movies!

h2.The many movies of Penny Diamondh3.

by Susie Lamb, Vice President of the Pennyettes, the Official Penny Diamond Fan Club.

Penny Diamond has been the subject of many an adventure serial, as any self respecting and confident girl would know. From her teen mystery books “The Penny Mysteries” series, these movies just kept coming. And while Penny no longer can play the plucky young girl in such classics as “Penny’s Ante” and “Penny’s Opera”, she is now a role model for adventurous girls worldwide. Her fans have taken over the famous Fox theater in downtown New York for 10 days of her best movies. As the manager has asked us to say….” Step right up to our matinee special and see one of our beautiful heroine’s escapes from villanous men and discoveries of dangerous secrets!”

This Monday we are proud to present “Penny Diamond in the Jeannie Queen’s Pot

Penny Diamond accidentally bumps into the Witches Cauldron

On Tuesday we have our children’s favorite -* The Continental Express

Csar Dmitri Captures Penny outside her New York Apartment in

On Wednesday, see Penny in the mysterious Orient, in *The Sultan’s Slave...

Penny Diamond languishes in the Sultan's Herrim

On Thursday, Penny becomes hunted instead of hunter…The Fairest Game

Penny is trapped in the hunter's camp

Friday, Penny’s sorority pledge initiation goes awry in “Bad Girls Finish Last” Penny Diamond in... Penny sulks after a well deserved spanking

Saturday is buy one get one free popcorn when Penny entertains us in Double Trouble Penny Diamond frolics with double detectives

Sunday our theater lights up the sky with the premiere of “The Pharoh’s Bride” Penny Diamond tries to sneak out of the palace

Monday, relive Penny’s adventures in the Great War, in…Lace’s Aces Penny Diamond and her sorority sisters in French Hi-Jinks

And next Friday see the movie that the Prohibitionist’s don’t want you to see! “Make it a Double” Penny Diamond having Drinking Problems

And for Christmas, you have to see … Princess of Manhattan!(media-item-align-center) Diamond in… Princess of Manhattan)!

The Management Apologizes that we will no longer be showing “Penny Diamond and the thigh fires of the Aztec King” due to protests by the local Baptist Convention.Penny Diamond and the thigh fires of the Aztec King

Penny Diamond's Serials Movies!

The Five Terrors of Warlord Huang DonR